Joel Oconer Host and Owner of Casa Luisa Joshua Tree

Casa Luisa Joshua Tree – A perfect desert home

Casa Luisa is a private vacation home located in Southern California’s scenic Joshua Tree National Park area, known for its modern and stylish designs, comfortable accommodations, relaxing stays, and stunning views of the desert landscape; hosting visitors from around the globe since May 2019.

Casa Luisa is a ten-minute drive from the Joshua Tree National Park entrance, famed for its incredible rock formation, bizarre-looking trees, hiking trails with breathtaking views, and epic night sky for stargazing and watching meteor showers.

The location of this three-bedroom desert home in the high desert region, away from light pollution, makes it an ideal place for guests to see the stars more clearly and vividly, a truly immersive and awe-inspiring magical experience. The private pool offers a refreshing way to cool off during the day, while the hot tub at night under a starlit sky, provides a calming and therapeutic way to unwind the evening.

Casa Luisa was born with guests’ comforts in mind and the expectation that it will be the 5-STAR customer service every guest deserves.

Casa Luisa was designed by Joel Oconer, with focus on providing guests with a luxurious and comfortable experience.

Joel’s love for nature, art and hospitality all came together to create Casa Luisa Joshua Tree. By combining these passions, he was able to create a truly unique and special experience for guests.

The focus on nature and art in the design of the home as well as his personal art designs, show a dedication to creating a beautiful and inspiring space for guests to enjoy. He has created something special and it’s sure to be memorable experience for anyone who stays there.

Host of Casa Luisa Joel and mother

Casa Luisa was named after his mother, Luisa, who, to him, is the epitome of Filipino hospitality, which is warm, caring, and welcoming to all, a testament to the impact his mother has had on his life and his dedication to carrying on her legacy through the hospitality of Casa Luisa.

Naming the two other rooms after his brothers Jeffrey and Jonathan is also his way of showing the importance of family to his life. Casa Luisa is not just a business for him but a personal project that reflects his values and the people who have influenced him in his life.

Joel has a background in Medicine, currently holds a Nursing license and a career in pharmaceutical research. It is clear that he has passion for helping others, managing Casa Luisa part time while maintaining a demanding field, is a testament to his dedication and work ethic.

He lives in Hollywood with a French Bulldog pug mix named Simba.

For reservation or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Casa Luisa by sending a message to or giving us a call to +1 714-717-6754.